Law enforcement agencies are preparing for a high state of alert in the Grand Mosque before Ramadan. 
In a unique and long-awaited season that extends for 30 days, Makkah hosts the largest human gathering on the planet. The police are ready to implement plans to manage the crowds in the Grand Mosque and its outer areas.
The Grand Mosque is guarded by 180,000 members of the security forces. They are divided among the Haj and Umrah forces as well as the Grand Mosque’s police, Makkah police and the security of the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques.
The security forces use a technical system on computer screens that are placed at entrances and on routes that lead to the Grand Mosque. The forces monitor movements on entrances and internal paths as well as the roof of the mosque through a network of more than 750 cameras.
Throughout Ramadan, the Grand Mosque witnesses heavy traffic from the late afternoon prayer until after the Taraweeh prayer in addition to the large number of worshippers on Fridays. More

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